Saturday, 14 November 2009

A Review: Palmers Skin Therapy Oil

Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula
Skin Therapy Oil

What Do I Think?
Palmers are renowned for their really intensive skin care products, with the most 'famous' being the Cocoa Butter that everybody probably knows and loves. Palmers newest offering is the Cocoa Butter Skin Therapy Oil, which has been formulated to target dry, damaged skin, with scarring, stretch marks, uneven skin tones and aging skin. Along with the classic 100% Cocoa Oil and Vitamin E, this oil contains Rosehip, Sesame and Canola. It has a lovely delicate fragrance in my opinion, and is not quite as strong as the traditional Cocoa Butter lotion. You really can use this sparingly, oil products in general tend to follow the 'little goes a long way' rule, and it leaves a subtle healthy looking sheen to your skin after application. I find the best time to apply this is right after a bath or shower, when your skin is still slightly damp, as it really locks in the moisture and makes your skin SO silky smooth. This may sound silly, but I don't find this Palmers Oil as oily as baby oil, the consistency is slightly thinner (more watery is the only way I can think to describe it) and it therefore absorbs into the skin easily. I don't have particularly dry skin as such, apart from on my legs which I suppose is because of shaving and more exposure to the elements, but I don't find that this makes me feel extra oily. It really does absorb so quickly and makes my skin look and feel healthy and in better condition. I tend to go through phases where I moisturise my body religiously everyday, morning and night, but then these fade out and I only moisturise approx once a week! I'd not found anything (other than the traditional Cocoa Butter or a really thick cream like The Body Shop Body Butters) that really sank in and repaired my skin until I tried this, so it's a bit of a revelation to be honest! I do have quite an uneven skin tone too and it seems to work pretty well at evening it out and making me look better!

In terms of it's effectiveness at reducing scarring and stretch marks, I can't be too precise because I am lucky enough to not really have any, but I know that when I am pregnant (whenever that may be!) I will use this on my baby bump, because it feels so luxurious and can only be doing good things! Palmers say that this product can be used on the face too, although I'm not sure that I would use it there.

Where Is It Available?
Palmers is available nationwide to my knowledge, and is stocked in most drugstores (Boots, Superdrug, Savers etc in the UK) and supermarkets (I picked mine up from Tesco).

How Much Does It Cost?
I actually can't find a price for this online and can't remember exactly how much I paid, but Palmers body products tend to retail for between the £3 and £5 mark. You get 150ml of product which is outstanding value for money!

Would I Recommend It?
Yes, definitely. This product is a miracle worker for sure!

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  1. Ooh I haven't seen this before! It sounds lovely! I LOOVEEEE Palmers products!
    Great review!
    Natalie xx

  2. I might just try this.
    Have you tried Cerave?? My derm recommended it to me. I have severely dry skin and it is the only thing that will work for me. It's created my dermatologists and sold over at CVS and Walgreens. I think CVS has it on shelf but at Walgreens I had to ask the pharmacist because it was behind the counter. The cream is about $14, worth a try..

  3. Fantastic post! and just in time because my pregnant baby belly is starting to get quite dried out and I am so afraid of getting stretch marks because of it! I have just ran out of my tummy butter, so its fantastic how things work out! :)

    The tummy butter I found a little too oily, but as it is just for my belly I didn't mind because its doing me some good!


  4. This sounds like exactly what I need. Thanks for the review

  5. Oh wow, a must have then! Thank you for the amazing review!

  6. This looks really nice, thanks. x

  7. I have been religiously using Johnson's baby oil and although they great I find it takes time for it to sink into the skin...after your review I need to give Palmer's a try :)

  8. I love Palmers cocoa butter cream products. i've been using this for like 3 months ago. but when i saw the ad at when my friend told me that they have been sued by these women coz of allergic reactions, i got really scared coz im 5 months pregnant and im afraid that there's going to be an effect on my baby. to all the other pregnant women out there do share this with your friends so they will know whats going on

  9. I am a massage therapist and one of my clients brought this in for me to use on her (she has very sensitive skin). While I was 1 minute into the massage I was hooked, just on the pure face on the glide factor, and not to mention the scent is simply amazing. I went out the next day to purchase my very own bottle. I have really rough knees and elbow and within days I notice the softness. I know use this oil in every massage I perform and my clients love it!

  10. Hi,
    I've been using this product for two weeks and I've see some improvements on my skin. Most of my stretchmarks i've gotten since i was a teenager has been getting thinner. I love this product so much i went out n bought four more bottles from Rite aid. I would recomment to anyone with stretch marks for years. It's vanishing. I love it and i've had stretch marks my whole life since i was developing into a young lady. Now i'm so happy its disappearing.


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