Thursday, 15 January 2009

Review: Revlon ColourStay Foundation

Right ladies...time for a review I think!

I'm going to review a product that comes highly recommended here in the YT and Blogging make up community: Revlon ColourStay Foundation (for Combination/Oily skin, my shade is Buff)

I've been using this foundation for near on a month now, after not wearing anything except powder as a base for almost a year! After seeing many videos on YT raving about this, I decided it would be worth investing in. If you recall from one of my earlier posts I got a good deal when I got this, and got a ColourStay Eyeshadow quad free too...oh I do love a bargain! Back to the point, rambling here!

I mainly have only positives to say about this Foundation, in my eyes it ticks all the boxes: gives excellent coverage, helping to create a flawless look; mattifies my skin which has an annoying tendency to be shiny halfway through the day; has serious staying power; is a fab base for other make up products; and also smells nice too! I was worried wearing a foundation again would feel heavy and cause my skin to breakout, but I honestly haven't experienced either with this Revlon foundation, which gives it a huge thumbs up from me!

The only rant I have about this is the lack of a pump, meaning sometimes you have to waste a bit of product because you can't control how much your pour out. Also you have to be very rigorous about your make up removal at the end of the day, as I said the staying power really is good, even on oily skin, and you need to make sure you remove it all before bedtime!

I do think this product will last me quite a long time, you only need to use a small amount, and once you get used to controlling how much pours out you don't waste much! I tend to apply this with my fingers if I'm rushing, however if I have a bit more time I use my Body Shop foundation brush, which I'm also really pleased with. Both fingers and a brush blend this product in really well, so you shouldn't have any problems there!

If you have any questions please just ask! I would also like to know if anyone has invested in the ColourStay Pressed Powder too, and if so what are your thoughts please?

I hope you found this useful, and I think I covered everything! Comments below as ever if you fancy!

By the way, I know I mentioned I was going to be doing an up-to-date haul video, and I promise I will! I've been a bit busy this past week, what with the funeral yesterday and everything...but thank you for all being patient :)

x x x