Thursday, 12 February 2009

The simple things in life...

I often find, that some of lifes most simple things, are in fact some of the best, some of my most treasured and loved.

~ A compliment or a smile from a complete stranger

~ Someone helping you find your way when you are lost, be it in the form of practical directions, or meaningful, heartfelt advice

~ Achieving something you are proud of, then having it appreciated and acknowledged

~ A comforting scent/sound that reminds you of home and loved ones

~ Baby Lotion to remove make up

~ Priceless memories that will never to make you smile, laugh or even cry

~ Fresh, home grown produce, like freshly baked bread or home grown veggie soup

~ Sudocream on the face (yes, it is baby bum cream!)

~ A supportive arm around your shoulders

~ A loving kiss on your forehead when all seems bleak

~ A kind gesture with no second thought

~ Childrens laughter

~ Knowing you are truly loved

~ A moment shared with someone special

~ Unexpected gifts in the post (thanks Emma for inspiring this one!)

~ Escapism from immersing oneself in a great novel or movie (Twilight!!!)

~ Praise

~ Birds singing on a warm, sunny morning

~ A happy, safe home

~ The sound of gentle waves lapping on the beach

What simple things make you happy?