Monday, 30 March 2009

A Review: Garnier Vital Restore

Garnier Vital Restore: Night Cream & Anti-Age Spots Serum
Complete revitalising care for mature skin

I was kindly sent two of the New Garnier Vital Restore products to review, and decided that as this range is primarily for mature skin, I would do an exclusive 3 Generation Review: Grandmother, Mother and Daughter! My Nanny is in her 70's (although you wouldn't believe it in my opinion, she looks fab!), my Mummy is in her 40's (again, looks fab for her age, great skin with barely any wrinkles!) and I am in my 20's (with mediocre skin!).

The Ganier website says this about the new range:
"When women reach the age of 50, they notice that their skin appears to age faster; sagging and losing firmness. Age spots start to appear. Cell renewal at the skin's surface layers is slower, and skin can become drier and lose elasticity; it requires an anti-ageing regime that addresses these issues. For mature skin, the experts at Garnier have created NEW Vital Restore"

What Do We Think?
The Garnier website says this about the products:
Night Cream
- Intensely moisturises to leave skin feeling revitalised, renewed and its surface reinforced
- Face looks more rested and feels firmer
- Age spots appear reduced

Anti-Age Spots Serum
- Helps to reduce the appearance of age spots
- Revitalises and restores radiance

After one week of using the Serum and Night Cream from the Vital Restore range, we had this to say...
Grandmother: She really liked the serum, finding it nice and easy to apply, with a gorgeous soft and silky texture which felt nice on the skin. A little goes a long way with this Serum, so she found she did not need to apply to much, and very much liked the way it felt on her skin.
The Night Cream was also used, but she did not find that it made any particular difference to her skin, and would probably not purchase it. All in all, she likes these products, and despite the fact she does not particularly do much to her skin or have a specific regime, she did enjoy trying them out for me!
The Serum was a firm favourite with my Mum! Personally, I think her skin looks great, but it is terribly sensitive, and often had dry and flaky patches that were hard to conceal and tackle. However, the great news is, after having used these two Vital Restore products for only a week, my Mum's skin has noticeably improved, both look and feel. Her first comments are that the Serum is easy to apply, it absorbed into the skin quickly and isn't in the slightest bit sticky. It has a nice light texture and most importantly hasn't irritated her highly sensitive skin. Garnier claim that the Serum will 'instantly illuminate' your skin, which Mum thinks is true, now her skin isn't as dry it definitely looks and feels revitalised, so in turn it's more radiant and 'illuminated'! Her skin looks and feels much calmer now, the irritation has subsided and the flakiness has disappeared (hopefully for good!).
The Night Cream has quite a thick consistency, and there is a slight residue left on the skin come the morning, which she wants to cleanse off, but it isn't a problem overall. Normally she would only use her normal day moisturiser at night, rather than a specific night cream, however her skin now feels much softer and more moisturised, which is a very important difference, as prior to use her skin was uncomfortably dry, itchy and flaky.
I think most peoples skin suffers from the drying effects of winter, what with central heating/air con and the constant fluctuation of temperatures from going in and out of the cold, however these products have helped to restore Mum's skin, which can only be a good thing!

Daughter: I enjoyed testing these products, in particular the Serum. I love the silky consistency of serums, and the way they make my skin feel, however I do think my skin is a little too 'young' for this range. None of us suffer from age spots, so in that respect we can't comment, but it definitely made all of us feel our skin was better!
The Night Cream was slightly to thick and a little heavy and overpowering for my skin, and although it didn't breakout or have any adverse effects, it is simply not something I need to use or consider using at this stage.
I'm happy (in a cheesy way!) that testing these products has led my Mum to finding products that don't irritate her sensitive skin, and are affordable and effective too!

What Else Is Available?
Alongside the Serum and Night Cream in the Vital Restore Range are a Day Cream SPF 15 and a Revitalising Eye Cream

How Much Will They Cost?
I have taken these prices from the Boots website:
Anti-Age Spots Serum £11.74
Night Cream £9.78
Eye Cream £9.78
(Strangely the website doesn't have a price for the day cream, but I would hazard a guess it would be around the £9 mark)

Where Will They Be Sold?
Garnier products are stocked in most UK drugstores and supermarkets (Boots, Superdrug, Tesco, Sainsburys, Asda, Morrisons, Waitrose etc), and are available nationwide.

Would We Recommend This?
We would definitely recommend this range. In particular the Anti-Age Spots Serum, which came out top in terms of effectiveness. The Vital Restore range is correctly aimed at more mature skin, the 40's-50's age range I would say. It is not something I would buy and use in my 20's, my skin needs different products that target different issues, however the serum in particular as I mentioned did make my skin feel great. My Nanny love the Serum, but does not spend a great deal of money or time on her skin (frankly, she doesn't need to), but would use this again (we'll buy it for her!). I'm really pleased to say that my Mummy highly recommends these products, again in particular the Serum, which has transformed her dry, sensitive skin. For her, it is not about the price tag, but about the effectiveness of the products, and this range has surpassed her slightly sceptical original expectations, and she will definitely continue to use and repurchase. I think the below star ratings show it all, this Vital Restore range performs the best in the 'Mother' age range, and is defiantly value for money.
All in all, I think these comments after only one week of use are pretty positive!

Star Ratings:

Night Cream
Grandmother: 1/5
Mother: 4.5/5
Daughter: 3/5

Grandmother: 4/5
Mother: 5/5
Daughter: 4/5

We would definitely be interested in trying out the other products in the Vital Restore Range, and if we do will provide full reviews!

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

A Review: Jergens Naturals

Jergens Naturals Extra Softening Body Moisturiser with Shea Butter
"Made with 95% natural ingredients, this body moisturiser calms skin with an infusion of rich emollients and vitamin packed moisturisers, making skin twice as soft immediately"

To coincide with the release of Jergens Naturals in the UK, I was sent a 75ml sample to try out and review. As you can see from above, it came beautifully packaged, with some Green & Blacks chocolates too, what a nice extra treat! I was sent the Extra Softening body moisturiser, with Shea Butter. This product claims it's ingredients do the following:
Shea Butter ~ provides a natural occlusive barrier to protect and revitalise dry, rough skin
Yoghurt ~ softens skin and rebalances natural pH levels
Soy extracts ~ contains a high concentration of vitamin E to promote healthy looking skin

What Do I Think?
I have to say, I wholeheartedly agree with the claims! I am really impressed with this moisturiser, it does what it says, and it does so very quickly. I am suffering from dryness at the moment, and since using this product I have noticed a different in the look and feel of my skin, all over. After just one use, my skin immediately looked and felt better than it has in a LONG time, I was very impressed. The scent is lovely and fresh too.
Jergens are a really good brand, they do not test on animals, there are no nasty parabens in their products, they have been tested by dermatologists and are made in the UK, meaning low carbon emissions - overall a very ethically produced product. Jergens say: "Your skin is not synthetic so why use a moisturiser that is". I think that is spot on! I also feel much better using a product that not only helps me, but it hasn't damaged our planet hugely too. Being more ethically aware is a good thing in this day and age! This product is highly effective, I really like it :)

What Else Is Available?
Ultra Hydrating with Jojoba Oil - 96% Natural Ingredients
Extra Softening with Shea Butter - 95% Natural Ingredients
Skin Firming with Pomegranate - 96% Natural Ingredients
Age Defying with Green Tea - 95% Natural Ingredients

How Much Will They Cost?
These products will retail at the following prices in the UK:
RRP £4.88 for 200ml
RRP £2.44 for 75ml (Ultra Hydrating and Extra Softening only)

Where Will They Be Sold?
These will be available from Boots, Superdrug and most supermarkets from March 2009.
Jergens Naturals is also available in the US.

Would I Recommend This?
I would definitely recommend you try these products. I will be purchasing more when they are released, because not only have they noticeably improved the condition of my skin, they are 95% natural, and smell divine! If you are looking for an ethical skincare line that really works, Jergens will be for you!

Star Rating:

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

TAG: Now & Then!

The lovely Emma from Carbon Princess started this TAG aggggeeeeees ago, and I promised I would do here it is, better late than never!

She posted a few pictures of herself from the last 8 or so years, to show how much she had changed. I thought I would alter the way I did this TAG slightly, by starting from the good old days...back when I was young!!!

Look at those chubba bubba thighs...clearly the fat legs were defined from a young age :(

Aww...I always did love to play 'house', having little tea parties was such fun! Don't I look angelic!

First day of Primary School I believe...what a cutie!

This photo was taken before my Year 11 Prom, so I think this must be 2001/2002? I look weird!

I don't seem to have much more of the in between stages (thankfully!), so this is going to jump to my older teenage years! This photo was taken on my 18th Birthday, when I went out raving in London for the first time! Incidentally, this is also the night Colin and I 'got together'...i.e. we snogged, a lot! That's all...nothing else happened, I made him wait a month, haha!
Moving on...I would give anything to get those legs back...sigh!

This is about 5 years ago, in the very first few days of University in Brighton, back in 2004. I have seriously over-plucked my I know why my Mum kept telling me off back then about it!!! I look very young here, in my opinion!

This photo was taken the First Anniversary of Colin and I, in 2005, which just happened to be the same day as my Grandparents 50th Wedding THAT is something to aspire to!

This photo was taken in the summer of 2006, on a night out in Croydon...! I posed for this photo, then had some guy come up to me and say could I do it, eeeewwwwww! No!

Having a celebratory kiss after I graduated in 2007!!! Woohoo, I did it :) This was the proudest day of my life so far, and this is one of my favourite pictures from the day...and believe me, there are hundreds!

A picture of me looking slightly sun burnt but very happy in 2008, in the country that is, to me, heaven on earth, Grenada :) Good times...I don't think I have changed much over the last few years...hopefully got better at make up etc (not that you can tell here, too hot for it!), and put on more and more weight :S

Now! 2009, the year of hope! My obligatory blog posing photo!

Well...that was only slightly embarrassing!

I TAG Jen (MizzWorthy), Kelly (pinksealight), Emma (MagpieSparkles), J (J's Blog), Av (All made up), Stefanie (The Lip Print) and Tiffany (kiss and makeup) Don't be shy ladies!!!

x x x