Wednesday, 29 April 2009

In and Out - April kick off the return to more regular posting again (hopefully!), I thought what better way than with my Ins and Outs for April (another month flown by so quickly!).


Maybelline ~ My liking and respect for this brand has been reawakened recently. I have expressed my love for their mineral blushers, and I'm still loving them...but now there is a new Maybelline obsession in my life...Lash Stiletto! OH. MY. GOSH. This mascara, for me, is not far from off from being considered as a HG, honestly! Other than the very highly perfumed scent, I can't fault this gives me amazing length, doesn't flake or clump and seperates the lashes really nicely! I'm already considering purchasing more of these :) I have very sensitive eyes, and this hasn't irritated them one bit...and I've worn it every day since purchasing about 2/3 weeks ago!

Girls Aloud ~ OK, so this is perhaps slightly obvious, they will NEVER be on my out list...but the anticipation of seeing them at the o2 arena in May is driving me crazy! I've heard so many rave reviews about their performances, outfits etc...and I'm resisting looking/watching because I want it all to be a surprise! I'm so fricking excited people!!! I also got a couple of the Girls Aloud lashes by Eyelure a while ago, and haven't tried them out yet, but I just can't stop looking at them, sooo pretty! I got Cheryl (duh!) and Nicola - my two fave members! I will 100% be wearing them to the concert...eeeeeee!

Gok ~ I'll keep this short and sweet...a man who can make just about any woman feel A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. This guy has got some serious charm skills! I heart Gok ♥

Floral prints ~ I was of the rather old fashioned opinion that floral prints were dowdy, frumpy and reserved for the older wrong can I be? Take one look at some of the recent additions to my wardrobe and it's floral prints galore! Perhaps it's the bouts of sunny weather we've been having, but there is something so cheerful and feminine about putting on a pretty floral top! I'm trying to be more adventourous, and get pieces that are a little different, so prints are in, and plain is out!

May ~ It's going to be a busy, busy month for me, hopefully full of more ins than outs! I'm really excited about Girls Aloud, my boy is turning 30 (so perhaps I should quit referring to him as a boy?!) and I'm meeting some of my favourite guru's, who have turned into firm friends :) We're going for a big girly make up shop, of course, and it's just what I'm in good need of right now!

Swapping ~ I'm still swapping ladies! >>> <<< class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_0">Stef (aka The Lip Print) in Oz, and I can't wait to receive my goodies from her...she has impeccable taste, so I know I'll love it :)


Trashy mags ~I have never really bought them, but I needed some change for a car park ticket last week after an impromptu shopping session, so bought the first cheap mag (which just so happened to have Cheryl and Nicola on it!) to get change from my £20. I shall not name drop here, but my whole experience of reading, or should I say distastefully flicking through, just reinforced my belief that mags like that are simply a good for nothing waste of trees and energy! I may outrage some people with that statement, but hey, it's my opinion! What have 'celebs' done to deserve their sweat patches, spots or cellulite being magnified and circled in magazines, to be scrutinised and criticised by people with nothing better to do...crikey, if someone did that to me they would have a full time job right there! It's downright disgusting and so, so degrading...I will never purchase said magazine again, no matter who is on the cover. Sensationalist twoodle.

Hair ~ I am NOT liking my hair right now...not one little bit. I have a love hate relationship with my hair about 99% of the always seems to be pretty soft and nice to the touch, after it's been freshly washed. However, it spends about 10% of the time clean, for about 1 hour after washing, then 90% being greasy, lank and generally uninspiring! I had it cut quite short at the start of the year, and I liked it...but I keep seeing photos of my with long hair, and I really prefer how I look in them. I'm not happy with the stylist and colourist that I use, but she's a family friend and has done my hair since the day dot, plus she's a lot cheaper than mainstream salons...she just isn't cutting the mustard though. Any recommendations?

Stress ~ I am feeling it big time, and while I'm trying my hardest to maintain my sunny, happy disposition, they strain I'm under is taking it's toll on me...I just want to feel like myself again, and not a snappy, irritable shadow of myself...I feel like I have permanent PMS, and it's really naffing me off :(

Let downs ~ I'm feeling rather let down by some people in my life at the moment, for various just annoys me that you can't rely on some people for anything, and it bugs me! I won't divulge much more detail than that, and I don't want to moan, but it's just one of my really big peeves right now...argh!

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Saturday, 18 April 2009

A Review: Lush Tea Tree Water Toner

Lush Tea Tree Water
Popular Toner (100g)

The Lush website says this:
"Popular toner for normal to oily skin.
Tea Tree water is the one we recommend for oily skin, especially if it's leading to teenage spottiness. (Tea tree, or ti-tri as it's called in it's native Australia, is the most amazing multi-purpose first-aid item: scratches, spots, stings; you name it and ti-tri fixes it). Anyway, we use tea tree water in our toner to cleanse, soothe and clear blemishes. We add grapefruit water to tone and detoxify your skin and juniperberry to refresh and stimulate it, all leading to a happier, less congested state of affairs in the facial department. Juniper is said to refresh tired spirits too, so feel free to spray your face with it when you're feeling drowsy"

I have been using this Lush toner for approx a month now, and at first I have to be honest, I wasn't sure. However, fast forward to now, and I am almost at the point of giving this product the HG status! I went into Lush primarily because I was curious. It has always been somewhere I passed by, noticing the very powerful smells seeping out of the doors, but there has been a lot of hype for Lush on the blogging scene of late. One of my current bug bears is open and very visible pores on my face, so with this in mind I went into the store. I was immediately greeted by a very helpful (and NOT pushy) sales assistant, who guided me through some of the products she felt would meet my requirements. I left Lush with a 100g bottle of their Tea Tree Water Toner and a big chunk of Porridge Soap.

The whole point and principle of Lush products is that they are all made with very fresh and natural ingredients, and are not tested on animals. Take a look at the ingredients for the Toner:
Tea Tree Water (Melaleuca alternifolia), Grapefruit Water (Citrus grandis), Juniperberry Water (Juniperus communis), *Limonene, Perfume, Methylparaben
* Occurs naturally in Essential Oils

What Do I Think?
I think a very telling indication of the effectiveness of a product is to stop using it! I didn't use this toner for a couple of days, and my skin went to pot! Honestly! I think toner is such a simple, but staple element of ones skincare routine, something that isn't always considered necessary, but personally I reap the benefits. Ever since using this product I have seen notable improvements to the texture and appearance of my skin. Toners can sometimes be too harsh and astringent on your skin, making it feel tight and often quite dry. The exact opposite can be said of this Lush toner, in my opinion. My skin feels SO smooth and soft immediately after using, and anything applied on top of it (moisturiser, primer etc) just glides on and is absorbed much more efficiently. This toner makes my skin feel so healthy and clean, and whilst it hasn't cured my skin completely of the occasional, pre-menstrual blemish, it has made a marked difference to my pores and the overall appearance of my skin.

What Else Is Available?
Lush make a LOT of products, which I will not even begin to list! They are all handmade, using fresh natural ingredients. Lush also make a free paper called Lush Times, which is great for getting to grips with new products and to see a full product listing.

How Much Will It Cost?
The 100g bottle has a RRP of £2.89, there is also a 250g bottle with a RRP of £6.12 (but this doesn't fit in my storage!)

Where Is It Sold?
Lush stores can be found nationwide, and you can also buy online via the Lush website.

Would I Recommend This?
100% yes! If you have oily skin, which is prone to visible pores and blemishes, this is a must try product. Toner is a simple, effortless addition to your skincare regime, but the effects of this are really worthwhile! I've already repurchased! This ticks all of the boxes for me! I am definitely interested in trying other facial skincare products from Lush!

Star Rating:

Friday, 3 April 2009

What Does Make Up Mean To Me?

Make up...initially the very thing that unites us bloggers the most. However, I'm sure that as with most things in life, it means different things to different people. So here is my take, what make up means to ME.

I've heard make up being referred to in many different ways. The one that irritates me the most is when make up is referred to as a mask, a way of covering up your skin and hiding yourself. To me, that could not be further from the truth. I'm sure when I was younger I may have been guilty of being naive and uneducated in the realms of make up, and saw 'older' ladies with it plastered on their faces and took this to be the norm. As I've got older, and wiser I like to think, I soon came to realise make up is not like that at all. Of course there are some who really like to trowel on their make up, and do use it as a mask, each to their own...but for me, that is so far removed from how I see it. To me, make up is a creative, artistic form of can allow us to transfer elements of our personality topically, to enhance ourselves, demonstrate our talents and just have fun. To me, make up should never be a chore. The day I wake up and think that the last thing I want to do is put on my make up will be a bad one...hopefully by then I'll be 100 years old and contending with too many wrinkles to even contemplate it! Until then, I shall continue to thoroughly enjoy it!

I am predominantly inspired by the make up of the 1950's era, the whole red lips, smoky eyes and winged eye-liner...think Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and more recently the fabulous Dita Von Teese, who emanates the 50's notions of make up and style perfectly. I think the make up of this era was about enhancing what you had, and also using the red lips as a seductive, powerful tool, the darker smoky eyes for extra dramatic effect. The 1950's in general are an inspiration for me, so it's only natural that the make up follows suit, it is just so classic and elegant, and I suppose in the back of my mind, this is essentially how I would like to be.
Even those these photos are not in colour, I think the fact their features are well emphasised indicates great make up!

Dita Von Tesse in particular is also a powerful influence whenever I look at my naturally pale skin with distaste, she carries off the pale skin amazingly, and it reminds me to embrace and care for mine.

I think make up can be a fabulous confidence booster. If you are not completely comfortable with your 'naked' skin, there are countless ways you can cleverly apply your make up to disguise what you perceive as the negative parts. I'm fortunate enough to have never suffered from acne, but I had friends who did, and I could see how painfully self conscious it made them, and how that dented their overall confidence in themselves as a person.

Our faces are hugely important, whether you chose to wear make up or not. They are, in a cheesy sort of way, the window to our souls...portraying our emotions, our health and our heritage. The methods in which we decide to decorate them is, in my opinion, hugely insightful into who we are. Personally, I attempt to enhance my natural beauty, I accept that I have it, in a non egotistical way. I like to use a light covering of foundation, on the days when I need a boost. I like to emphasise my eyes, give my cheeks a natural, healthy looking glow, and have full, plump lips. I don't believe this is necessarily vain, just taking a vested interest in oneself and taking pride in my appearance.

I'm also inspired by colours, particularly browns, blues, greens and purples...I get inspired by what I see around me, which can be pretty much anything from the colours in a chocolate sundae to a nice dress or pair of shoes! The world truly is our oyster, and make up is a fantastic form of expression whilst we explore it!

So...that is what make up means to me!

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