Friday, 31 July 2009

A Review: Lush Porridge Soap

Lush Porridge Soap

I would like to start off by saying how much I love Lush. As a concept, brand, store...everything about them is just, well...lush! I am not overly taken with the organic craze or anything, but I do like to think that the more natural ingredients in a product, the better it will be for my skin. I wouldn't say I have overly sensitive skin, but some ingredients are too harsh and cause me to breakout or have dry patches. Hence of late I have been trying more and more products from the likes of Lush and The Body Shop. Both of these stores are ridiculously generous with samples...I guess it depends which stores you go to, some may have nicer staff than others, I'm lucky to have the friendliest people working in my locals! Every time I go to Lush I always get samples, or they are giving away freebies...last time I went in for my Tea Tree Water Toner, which was all I paid for, but I came out with a Ma Bar, sample of Vanishing Cream and a real fruit smoothie! Customer service, when it's good, leaves a big impression on me, and I'll always go back for me! On with the review...

What Do I Think?
For anyone who is not familiar with Lush and their infamous soaps they are basically freshly made, come in HUGE chunks and you can decide how much/little you want to purchase. I have had my fairly large chunk of Porridge Soap for about 4/5 months I think, and it's still going strong! This particular soap has a creamy consistency which give it really moisturising qualities, and it is perfect for exfoliating because it contains real porridge oats all the way through. This soap also contains real orange juice, so it has an extra fruity edge, even better for the mornings! It smells A.M.A.zing :) If I could eat this soap, trust me I would! The Lush website describe this soap as "the very best way to start the day: a helping of porridge oats with lashings of delicious molasses. Ideal for sensitive skin; irresistible to everyone else".

Where Is It Available?
Lush is available nationwide, instore and online...and is WELL worth a visit! You get used to the strong scents soon enough :)

How Much Will It Cost?
The Lush website states £2.56, but I'm not sure what quantity this is referring to. The larger the chunk of soap, the more expensive it will be I guess!

Would I Recommend It?
Indeed I would :) I really do love this product, and not just because I'm an exfoliating addict! Using this means if I'm in a rush I can skip body moisturising, and extra time in the mornings is never a bad thing! This makes me want to try each and every one of the Lush soaps...better get cracking ;)

Star Rating:

I'll Keep You My Dirty Little Secret...

Someone somewhere did a post about their dirty beauty secret, for example not taking off make up before bedtime...

At the time I didn't think that I had a dirty secret...OK so there might be the odd occasion, maybe 5 times a year, where I don't take my make up off before I go to bed, and if I get a spot with an ugly head on I'll pick it...but I don't think that is anything too wild or out there!

Something that has occurred to me of late, in conjunction with my nails having grown and my obsession with painting them all the time, is that I DO have a dirty little secret...

...I pick off my nail polish. ALL the time! If it chips then it's probably going to be about 15 minutes before it gets too much and I start chipping it away. It almost feels unlucky to leave it there, all chipped and undignified! Inevitably there is not always time to pick off all of the nail polish from 10 fingers...what can I say, at the time these fatal flaws do not occur to me!

So there we have it, my dirty little (beauty) secret is out in the open! If you happen to see a trail of chipped nail varnish, I'm likely to be at the end of it!

What are your dirty little secrets?!

Thursday, 30 July 2009

In and Out - July

Goodness gracious, will I ever get used to how quickly the months pass by?! July is my favourite month of the year, partly because my birthday falls in it (28th!), but mainly it stems from my school days, where July obviously spelled the start of the summer holidays. Also, because I am a Christmas obsessive, after my birthday I can start getting excited for Christmas ;)


Birthdays ~ I turned 23 this week and I am SUCH a kid, I get so excited! This year was pretty quiet, given that I have zero pennies, but I had a lovely day getting spoilt by my nearest and dearest :) Thank you to everyone for making my day extra special, I love you all! From my parents and sister I got an 8gb iPod Nano, from Colin I got my Bug Jam 23 ticket (already attended) and a fabulous make up goodie bag (chosen by himself, wow!), apparently there is something else to come too(!), and from my 'in-laws' I have to be free at 6.30pm next Wednesday...I'm excited! I also got some money (much needed!), some gorgeous jewellery, some MAC and PIMMS ;)

Anniversaries ~ Colin & I celebrated 5 years together today (I say celebrate, but he's at work, so not huge celebrations!). We've certainly had our fair share of ups and downs, but we get through it all and come out stronger. Even though we drive each other up the wall sometimes, he honestly is my rock and I adore him ♥ On another note, my Grandparents celebrated 54 years together on the 29th, which is simply amazing and I can only aspire to that!

Working ~ Yes, you heard me correctly! For those who don't follow me on Twitter, I am delighted to announce that I finally have a job! Not only that, but it's the job I really wanted, and within walking distance of my house...what are the chances?! I start on Monday 3rd August (I'm not disclosing what/where) and am so thrilled! I've been unemployed for two months, and as much as I enjoy having time out at home, it is dragging beyond belief now and I actually can't wait to start engaging my brain again and get back to work! For those of you still searching, keep your chin up and be as patient as you can, something WILL turn up.

Nail polish ~ I am becoming somewhat obsessed with my nails! I have a dirty secret regarding my nails that I am going to let you all in on in a separate post, but it constitutes to part of my obsession with painting, then repainting my nails! I want to expand my collection...I just need to stop buying colours that are too similar! Doh!


The Job Centre ~ This is a pet peeve really, the place just infuriates me! Obviously because of the two months unemployment I decided (after some not-so-gentle pushing!) to 'sign on'. I have nothing against people who claim benefits AT ALL, it would be hypocritical to say the least, however I do have something against the system itself. I'm not going to go into too much detail, but let me summarise it like this: I'm about to start work again after two months with zero money...I claimed for JSA in my second week of unemployment...have I received any money...NO! Enough said!

Spending ban ~ I can assure you my ban on spending has not been through choice! I am going to do a separate blog post on the issue, but I am starting to get itchy feet...I NEED to shop. Even if I just buy deodorant or something...please let me go shopping! It's like a primal need, surely it cannot be denied?!

Swine flu ~ This pandemic is sweeping the world, pretty darn fast! It seems every time I blink someone else I know, or know of, has symptoms and is basically in quarantine. I don't allow myself to get caught up in the Governments scaremongering of certain things (please note, I am by NO means saying this is not a big or serious issue) and don't really follow the statistics etc, but it's really quite frightening to think of the speed at which things like this can spread. My biggest 'get well soon' vibes go out to anyone who is suffering.

MAC collections ~ I know I am not a MACaholic...I love MAC products and don't have nearly enough...BUT I also think MAC is literally an addiction for some people. They crave it. They simply HAVE to have it. Right now! I am not saying that is necessarily a bad thing, but I have to admit I do find the hype surrounding upcoming MAC collections quite hilarious! The amount of people that go crazy with anticipation, only to realise they don't really like what they have bought after all that is quite astonishing. I think MAC have got it made with their collections, the frequency with which they release new ones etc, but I also think some people get too caught up in the hysteria. I think I have only noticed this because I have had to step back from purchasing, becoming an observer living vicariously through other people. If you identify with this please don't think I am insulting you, I'm merely observing...I have nothing better to do :(

x x x

NOTD: Plastic Fantastic

Don't worry, I've not turned into a Barbie Doll! I did however receive a nail polish that Barbie herself would covet I'm sure!

The lovely people at Boudoir PR sent me 3 of the ever so glamorous Ciate Paint Pots to try out, and when I saw this colour, Plastic Fantastic, I took my old nail polish off and painted on 2 coats of this instead!

This is such a gorgeous colour, a perfect pink, and I'm proudly sporting it. After the first usage I am already quite impressed with Ciate, with regard to consistency, colour intensity and coverage...I'll do a proper review once I've put this Plastic Fantastic through it's paces!

Thursday, 2 July 2009

NOTD: My Big Break

After a few months of growing, filing, buffing and shaping my nails are finally in a condition I feel comfortable revealing! As a *hopefully* reformed chronic nail biter, this is a BIG achievement for me, and I am really chuffed. Hurrah! I think the name of my chosen polish for the reveal of my 'new' nails is fairly ironic: OPI Nail Lacquer 'My Big Break'! It's a really interesting and quite unique shade, a sort of pearly, two-tone pink/purple, with teeny tiny silvery reflects in. It's very girly and feminine, and perfect for summer too!

I'd quite like to get my mitts on some more OPI Nail Lacquers, I only have this one in my collection, the quality is fantastic and with 2 coats you get really high shine, intense colour payoff.

Do you have any colour recommendations, now you've seen what I like, nail wise?!

x x x


OK, so I'm not about to declare that I am a reformed shopaholic, I pretty much believe it is ingrained in me to want to shop! However, of late I have been on a forced shopping/spending ban, which has been quite refreshing I suppose. Not having any income means I have had no choice but to literally stop spending money. Full stop. If you can't afford the rent you can hardly afford make up/clothes etc, and that is the sad truth for me at the moment!

However, all is not lost! I have mentioned before that I used to continually, and almost habitually buy things like shampoos, body lotions, shower washes etc, and ended up with about 20 different versions of the same type of product. I have been recording all of the items I've used up in a list on the right hand side of my blog, and I'm finally emptying my drawers and cupboards of my stashes! Normally I would think "ooo, space for some more!", however now I have stopped constantly buying for the sake of it, I have noticed my attitude is changing...slowly but surely! I hope when I'm earning a decent wage again I don't go back to my old ways, and think a bit more carefully about what I spend my money on, but until that happens I think I'll just have to wait and see!

This forced spending ban has not actually been as hard as I anticipated. The hardest part is not knowing when I'll start earning again, and if I'm going to have to move out of the house because I can't afford to pay the rent/bills...clearly a serious worry. However, on a more superficial note, one positive outcome is that I have been looking more closely at the things I already own. As you can see from my recent birthday wishlist post and the wishlist on the right hand side of my blog, I do have products that I'd like to get my hands on, but this list is compiled of items that I do not already own something similar to (or have run out of). Make up is a hobby for me, as I'm sure it is for all of us, but I don't want it to become an obsession, I just want to enjoy it. I'm not a follower of MAC collections, and whilst I'm most definitely not slating anyone who is, I'm glad. There is always so much hype prior to each collection being released, but I never seem to get caught up in it and so far have not gone out of my way to research upcoming products. I simply don't feel the need. There are a lot of people doing 'Project 10 Pan', which I think is a fabulous idea for people with larger make up collections, however the idea seemed pointless to me. I have what I would describe as a relatively small collection, so if I was to run out of something it is most likely to be because I genuinely love it and would want to repurchase...therefore the concept of using 10 things for the sake of buying other things doesn't apply to me.

What I hope I am conveying in this post is that by stopping spending, I have got out of the habitual routine of perusing the shops and buying 'just because', and am starting to adopt a healthier (bank balance wise) attitude. I'm glad I've worked these things out for myself...they by no means need to apply to other people, and I'm not saying my opinion should be taken by everyone...however, for me personally, once I am earning again I'll buy what I want, when I want, not because everyone is talking about it or because I feel I should get it! The blogging community is fantastic, and I adore it, but it may lead to think you 'need' something because suddenly everyone is buying it. It is a similar concept to reviewing products sent by PR companies...I do a lot of a reviews, and I have been fortunate enough to receive some lovely products, however if I'm not remotely interested in the what is being offered, I won't accept it!

I hope you take this post for what it is...not a preach, but a honest reflection of my thoughts, views and opinions, and know that I will always be genuine :)

x x x