Sunday, 28 February 2010

A Review: Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel
For Oily/Combination Skin

What Do I Think?
This stuff is the bee's knees! Honestly, I think I love it enough to dub it my 'Holy Grail' facial moisturiser! Woah! I purchased a set of minis from the Clinique 3 Step facial system for oily skin, from eBay of course (loads cheaper!), and have been using it for approx. 2.5 - 3 months (I'm super impressed at how long the mini's have lasted me too). I will review the other items separately, but I am just so impressed with this moisturiser it deserves its own space! The Dramatically Different Moisturiser also comes in a lotion formulation, but the gel is specifically for oilier skin tones, and is not quite as heavy on the skin. It is extremely light, and a little of this goes a really long way, which I like because it doesn't feel like you're drowning your face in product. It sinks into the skin instantly, and is a great base for make up too, I've found it removes the need for a primer. My skin has changed slightly during my pregnancy, it has become slightly dry in places (my temples, around my nose and along the hairline) but I'm also putting this down to the ravaging effects of winter. This moisturiser does a fantastic job at not only making my skin feel quenched, soft and smooth, but it also seems to absorb and prevent oil on my face. Bonus! This means my make up has been lasting longer too, and I'm just so thrilled with the results. I do miss using my Liz Earle (which I do love, and will review soon), but personally I think this product has the edge, and I'm really enjoying using it everyday. I just love it :)

Where Is It Available?
Clinique is available in large Boots stores in the UK, along with most department stores, various online retailers, and of course the Clinique website.

How Much Will It Cost?
If you buy the full size bottle (125ml) which comes with a handy pump from the Clinique (or Boots) website, it will cost you £27.00 (ouch!), the smaller size in a tube (50ml) is £15.00. I purchased a 30ml sample size from eBay, along with two other items, and the whole lot cost me less than £5!

Would I Recommend It?

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Saturday, 27 February 2010

A Review: Jergens Naturals - Cocoa Butter & Total Nourishment

Jergens Naturals Body Moisturisers
Cocoa Butter & Total Nourishment

What Do I Think?
I'm a big fan of cocoa butter, although it typically comes in quite thick, greasy formulas, which aren't always the easiest or quickest of products to use of a morning, so this Jergens Cocoa Butter is a bit of a wonder product to me. It has the same light but creamy texture of all of the Jergens products, and sinks in to the skin immediately, and it is so, so, so moisturising. It smells insanely good, and I noticed a positive difference in the texture and feel of my skin after just one use. The Total Nourishment moisturiser is much the same as the cocoa butter, wonderfully moisturising, smells fabulous, and really leaves my skin feeling so silky smooth. I've been suffering from tight, itchy skin since becoming pregnant, and both of these products are helping to relieve that really effectively, which is an extra added bonus for me! They are so kind to the skin, and I think that is down to the natural ingredients and the fantastic formulation of the products. These work best on really dry skin, but would work equally well on any skin type, there is no greasy residue left after application either, so I think they are great for busy lives full of rushed mornings.

Where Are They Available?
Boots, Superdrug and most supermarkets in the UK.

How Much Do They Cost?
The Jergens products retail for £4.99 for 500ml in the UK. Fantastic value for money!

Would I Recommend Them?
I've reviewed Jergens products before, and raved about their fantastic moisturising properties, and these two new ones are certainly no disappointment. Without stating the obvious, the Jergens products are made with 97% natural ingredients, and are very good for your skin, soothing, moisturising and nourishing, no matter which one you try. I really do recommend Jergens, and am glad they are more widely available now.

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