Monday, 30 May 2011

A Review: Yes To Baby Carrots

Gentle Foaming Shampoo & Body Wash 300ml
Yes To Baby Carrots

Mummy gave me this big orange bottle when I was busy splashing in the bath and told me we need to tell all of the big boys and girls what we think of it. I told her I just wanted to play with the lid and the bubbles. She let me. I love my Mummy. 

Mummy said this foamy stuff is called shampoo, which made me laugh a little bit, what a funny name. Then she said something really's made from carrots! Well, she said it's actually packed full of Vitamin E, Organic Melons, which are full of things called antioxidants and vitamins, and it has Organic Pumpkins too, and they are stuffed with nourishing Beta Carotene. If you ask me, that's a lot of big words for a little boy, and she feeds me carrots for dinner, so I don't know why she puts them on my hair too! I tried to rub my dinner that had carrots in on my hair the next day, but she didn't seem very impressed with that!

Mummy said to tell you that you can buy this carrot shampoo, which is all natural and especially formulated for babies delicate skin, for £8.99 from Victoria Health (that is somewhere on the internet, Mummy goes there on her shiny iPhone that she won't let me play with).

I thought you might like to see some pictures of my hair. It's pretty cool. Lot's of people like to touch it because it's so soft and bouncy.




Me and Mummy like this shampoo. I like it because it's all foamy and feels funny on my hands and tummy, and Mummy likes it because it washes my cool hair really well, and makes it even softer and shinier than before. I have sensitive skin, but this doesn't make it go all red and itchy. It is quite expensive for a baby product, but I don't have to worry about money because Mummy and Daddy pay for everything for me. I think we might be buying it again when it runs out though.

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Friday, 27 May 2011

A tale of two bloggers...

...who finally met up after 2 years of blind friend dating on the internet, to enjoy the Brighton sunshine, go shopping and eat cupcake. Pure bliss :)

Franky from Love Audrey and I

Mummy on a Mission

 A select few may know that I have a couple of other blogs (don't worry, they too have been seriously neglected of late!), one dedicated to Jamie that is currently private and invitation only (please respect my privacy on that one), and a weight loss blog. I toyed with the idea of merging my weight loss blog with this one, but I have revealed some personal information on there, so I decided to just share the details I'm happy with on here instead!

Jamie is now 9 months old, and I have lost the baby weight. I'm equal to, possibly even less than, my pre pregnancy weight. However, my body has completely changed, as any Mother will know, and I'm still on a mission to lose a few more lb's, and ultimately tone up the flab. Each to their own of course, but to me, my Mummy Tummy is in NO way Yummy! I ended up having an emergency C-Section, and that scar is now an irreversible part of me that I wouldn't ever take away...however, the post C-Section tummy sag is something I am determined to get rid of!

I began embarking on my Mummy on a Mission weight loss journey at the start of this year (2011), and my starting weight was (nervous gulp) 11 stone 11 lbs. My BMI at that weight for my height (5ft 5") put me into the 'overweight' category, and I confess to feeling very depressed and ashamed about my appearance and weight. A great deal of my weight gain during pregnancy was the huge amount of water I retained, I was like a human balloon, but admittedly I did overindulge and tend to feed that 'eating for two' expression all too easily. Live and learn!

Fast forward 9 months, and my current weight, as of May 2011, is 10 stone 3 lbs. I have achieved this from a combination of dieting, healthy eating and exercise. I hope my (now extra yummy) Mummy won't mine my mentioning her as one of my main inspirations to lose weight. She is currently following the Dukan Diet - NOT for the faint hearted or easily tempted - and has lost over 5 stone in just over 9 months. If you want to find out more about the specific diet, a quick Google will give you all you need to know, but essentially, this is NOT a fad diet, it is a lifestyle change and choice, and the essential philosophies are to be followed for the rest of your life. My Mum is very determined, very dedicated, and I am extremely proud of her...I hope she won't mind my saying that she is SO much happier now that she has lost weight, she radiates health and happiness, and she looks fantastic. So, spurred on by my Mum's incredible results, I tentatively dipped my feet into the world of the Dukan Diet, and although I credit it for kick-starting my weight loss, metabolism and motivation, it was not for me. For a start, I didn't like a big enough variety of the allowed foods, therefore I knew that sustaining the diet over a prolonged period of time would not be healthy, so I made the sensible decision to simply eat much healthier, taking heed of what I'd learnt about food from researching Dukan. Making meals from scratch, controlling portion sizes and on the whole making healthier food choices isn't that hard once you get into the habit of it, and you most certainly can still enjoy food and treat yourself when you fancy it.

From the beginning of January I have been going to weekly Zumba sessions, run by my friend who is a fitness instructor. I LOVE it, and am planning on dedicating a whole post to it in a bid to convert more exercise-phobes. I also bowed down to the legend that is Jillian Micheals, and her infamous 30 Day Shred. Sure, on paper, a daily 20 minute workout doesn't sound tough...but I'd defy anyone to do it and say it was easy! Again, a quick Google will teach you all you need, but essentially the 30 Day Shred is based on a 20 minute daily workout, with three increasing levels of difficulty and intensity. The programme is based around 3 minutes of strength, 2 minutes of cardio and 1 minute of abs, for the duration of the 20 minutes. I am literally dripping in sweat by the end of it, but it's over so quickly you barely notice you're doing it! An essential aspect of the Dukan Diet is a daily walk, of at least 20 minutes, which is something I have tried hard to maintain - I love to get out and about in the fresh air, and it's just as important for Jamie to get outside everyday too. I am more active now than I ever have been, and I can't stress the importance of that enough - I feel fitter and healthier, and although the results aren't instant, I've noticed a big change in both my endurance and my body tone.

At the end of the day, whilst the numbers on the scales might be proof that my hard work is paying off, it is how I feel that is important to me. There is one downside to losing weight though...although I do now fit into my pre pregnancy jeans, they are a little on the big side, and I simply can't afford to replace my entire wardrobe...what's a girl to do?!
*Please note, this blog post is about ME, my feelings about MY weight and MY appearance. It is no way judgemental of anyone elses weight, appearance or opinion. It is not my intention to offend anyone, which I hope my readers will know, I just feel it is important for me to be as honest with you as I always am.