Monday, 19 December 2011

"Just 5 more minutes..."

For as far back as I can remember, one thing is consistent throughout time: I am dreadful at getting up in the morning. I just can't do it. Every fibre of my body resists it. Every single morning without fail {Christmas and birthdays being the only exceptions}, I have to physically drag myself out of bed. It's as if my bed has some kind of physical hold on me, it's strong grip makes me almost powerless to release myself from its delightful clutches.

I'm not alone in this, surely?

Having a child, who is entirely dependent upon me for his survival, means that getting up is not a debatable option. It has to happen. Still, despite this, every morning I silently plead, with whoever will listen, "please, just 5 more minutes?!".

What I'm getting at here, the crux of the matter if you will, is that I believe getting out of bed in the morning is one of the hardest things that humans ever have to do. Like, ever ever. Apart from giving birth, that's pretty hard. Having a scrummy little boy to get up for does make it easier though, just a little ;)

Disclaimer: this post is just a bit of fun. But seriously, please, just 5 more minutes?

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Overrated Product #5: Tresemmé Thermal Recovery

Long term readers may be familiar with my {mini} series of posts on products I believe to be overrated, and although I've not featured any products for a while, I'm about to throw down the gauntlet on another unsuspecting product.

Now, I do have to admit that I've had these products for some time {the packaging now differs slightly}, they've been in and out of my 'for friends & family' pile, but having since used them up {in the interest of being economical}, I remember now why I discontinued using them in the first place.

The perpetrators this time are the Tresemmé Thermal Recovery Replenishing Shampoo and Conditioner. These products came highly recommended from both online sources and 'real life' acquaintances, but I really do not believe they hype. The products apparently "nourish your hair to restore vibrancy and shine lost through frequent heat styling", a simple enough concept, but one that does silently scream 'gimmick' at me. After starting to use more heat on my hair now that the winter months are upon us {air drying isn't quite so practical}, I thought I may as well use these up. I truly wish I'd just done myself a favour and slung them in the bin, to be perfectly honest. Scathing comments indeed, but when using these products in my haircare routine my poor scalp became SO itchy and flaky, and my hair certainly hasn't seen any of the benefits that are claimed. Many reviews I've since found online offer up similar 'itchy' sentiments, so I'm glad I'm not alone in my woes.

What are your most overrated products?

Sunday, 4 December 2011

"So, are you working yet...?"

DISCLAIMER: This post may contain rants. In fact, there is no may about it. It does. If ranting offends you, look away now.

If you are a SAHM/SAHD* then you will probably know where I'm coming from in this post. After "aww, hasn't he grown" {Fact}, the number one thing people say to me is "So, are you working yet...?".

I'm sorry for my brashness here, but what part of being on call TWENTY FOUR HOURS A DAY SEVEN DAYS A WEEK, is not work? Do YOU work that long? No, I didn't think so.

I do understand that parenting is not a job in the typical sense, if you chose to have children then you have to look after them. End of. I understand, I get it, I really do. I know sometimes that question is just general conversation, with no malice behind it. Not everyone 'gets it' about being a SAHM, however, what I'm really getting at here is when the obvious implication behind that seemingly innocent question, is that my dedicating myself to raising my son is somehow not as worthy as if I was working in a crappy office job 9-5 Monday to Friday, I get peeved. A lot peeved.

I suppose for 'outsiders', it's the financial aspect. I'm not paid for my job, or clock-watched by an eagle eyed boss. I'm dictated to by someone much, much smaller than me. If I was paid for every time I picked up half masticated food from my living room carpet, or retrieved toys from behind the sofa/tv unit/cot, I'd be a very rich lady indeed.

I just dislike the insinuated impression that people feel I should be validated by my career choice, rather than my choice to be a Mother. I know SO many women {and men as it goes} that would give anything to be at home with their child(ren). I also know SO many women {and men} that are very glad of their career, which allows them relative peace and quiet for 8+ hours a day. It is an individual, highly personal choice, but it does deeply sadden me that there appears to be little regard for those who chose to be a SAHM/D.

I'd like to clarify, I have nothing against parents that decide to return to work after having babies, nothing at all. As I said, it's a very personal decision. I know, believe me I know, that sometimes it's also a case of needs must. I wholeheartedly support the decisions that parents make for their families. Colin and I are used to not having much money. We made the decision together that, for as long as was sustainable, I would stay at home with Jamie. That HE would be my job.

I know that this situation will not last. The bank balance tells me that I will NEED to go OUT to work, in a crappy office job 9-5 Monday to Friday, soon. However, THIS, the reality I have right now, is what I've always wanted. To be a Mummy. To be able to look after my child, all day every day, for as long as possible. I'm very happy with that. It's just everyone** else that isn't.

*SAHM/SAHD = Stay at Home Mum/Dad
**A sweeping generalisation here I am sure. The use of 'everyone' here refers to the negative people I have encountered thus far in my Yummy Mummy journey.