Sunday, 17 June 2012

Photos of the Week {17.06.12}

Photos of the Week: Welch's Rose Grape Juice - probably my favourite of the bunch; Mandara Spa Pampering Bath Soak - smells incredible and makes serious bubbles; yet another Welch's photo, this time Purple Grape Juice - my least favourite, I find this one a bit too thick and sweet; my gorgeous boy colouring a picture for Daddy {for UK Father's Day}; cheeky chops; looking incredibly grown up and boy-ish in a 'cushion bed' he made himself; watching "beebies" - Mr Tumble to be specific, he's gotta lotta love for that guy; Goodfella's Delizio Pizza's - my contribution to our family Father's Day dinner; Jamie reading Charlie & Lola to me{!}, playing 'let's stall and make Mummy stay in my room longer at bedtime' peekaboo; The Body Shop Almond Body Butter - I want to eat my own limbs this smells SO good!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Photos of the Week {10.06.12}

Photos of the Week: "Look, a puddle" aka a POND; a very wet but enjoyable family walk over the Bank Holiday weekend; a refreshing glass of Welch's White Grape Juice; Jamie and his girlfriend checking out the drain, they are fascinating you know; tree hugging; Jamie checking out the fountain at an amazing local park; feeding the ducks; being King of the Castle on an old tree stump; educating Jamie in TV from the 80's (my era), starting with 'The Herbs'; cocktails at TGI Friday's with my sister before seeing a movie - Fuzzy Navel and Pina Colada; cookies and cream sundae, so wrong but so right.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Photos of the Week {03.6.12}

Photos of the Week: burying my toes in the warm sand, not at the beach but a fantastic play park locally; Jamie being King of the stone Castle; going over a very narrow rope bridge ALL ON HIS OWN - my boy is getting so grown up; exploring a cool tunnel and it's echoes at the park; enjoying his new sandpit at home in the sunny garden, courtesy of Nanny; oops, a tiara appears to have accidentally fallen onto Jamie's head at the playgroup Jubilee party...ssh, don't tell Daddy; riding on a big trike and wearing a paper crown - again, my boy is getting so grown up, slow down please Jamie; stroking the bunny that a magician magicked out of his hat; Pimms O'Clock for my best friend & I at our afternoon play date; Chin Chin, so refreshing; NOTD: Nails Inc for InStyle in Peach Sorbet, on an ever-so-slightly tanned hand {before the rain came back!}.