Tuesday, 31 July 2012

July Favourites {2012}

July is my favourite month, closely tied with December. No least because it brings my birthday {although the older I get, the less appealing this becomes}, but also, if Mother Nature is on our side, a hint of sunshine and blissful summer evenings spent sipping Pimms in the garden and eating BBQ'd food. I don't think you need me to tell you what December brings...

I have been unintentionally AWOL from this space of t'internet for a little over a month, and whilst I won't go into the {personal} circumstances that necessitated this, I can assure you it was only temporary. Regrettably, I missed posting my June favourites, so this post amalgamates two months worth of products that I've been enjoying. I'll try to keep it short and sweet, for I've a feeling this could be a long one.

I've a list of things to blog about as long as my arm, and the piles of products that are sat about waiting to be photographed are starting to accumulate a thin layer of dust, so hopefully I can begin posting more regularly again. Although, this is the second time I've had to write this entire post, so let's keep our fingers crossed that Blogger plays ball... On with the show!


Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Honey
It's pretty impossible to miss the latest offerings from Revlon in the beauty community at the moment, and aside from the fact they are unapologetic and blatant copies of the Clinique Chubby Sticks {but much more reasonably priced}, it's not hard to see why. They really are what they say they are: an effective lip stain with a balm-like consistency, that provides great pigmentation and longevity whilst still hydrating the lips. I will be reviewing these in more detail soon, but my favourite thus far is the one on the right in the above photograph, Honey, a gorgeous lilac/pink.

Nails Inc in OMP! by Fabulous
I try not to include old limited edition products in my monthly favourites, I know first hand how frustrating is to fall in lust with something that is near impossible to get your mitts on. However, I've been wearing this shade on my fingers and toes almost exclusively throughout much of June and July, and it would be criminal not to include it within this post. It's a gorgeous hot pinky coral, perfect for toes and great with a light tan in the summer months.


I've had a skincare shake-up of late. In fact, that's putting it fairly mildly. I've completely replaced every single product I was using, and have started again from scratch. I sought advice from skincare expert Caroline Hirons, aka Beauty Mouth - if you've never visited her blog, then I suggest you stop reading this and get your butt over there right now {as long as you come back here of course!} - who suggested I invest in a balm cleanser and the infamous Alpha H Liquid Gold to begin with. My skin is oily/combination, with congestion on my chin/jawline in particular, but it is also seriously dehydrated. My previous skincare routine just was not cutting it. I opted for this Cleansing Balm from REN, that came highly recommended. A full review is to follow, so for now let me say just one word about it: revolutionary.

Caudalie is a brand that has been on my radar a lot recently, and I managed to acquire this moisturiser as a GWP {gift with purchase} when I subscribed to a magazine. I was after something lightweight and oil controlling, and this fits the bill perfectly. It manages to keep my oily skin under control for longer, whilst providing much needed hydration - a common misconception with oily skin is that it doesn't need moisturiser: it does. A more in depth review will follow in due course.

Night cream is something I have been incredibly slack with in my previous skincare routines. Let's just say, I'm incredibly lazy, and once thoughts of bed have entered my head of an evening, it's a darn miracle that I manage to remove my make up and cleanse before passing out, let alone apply moisturiser. However, this sample has made me realise just how beneficial not omitting this step from my evening routine can be - my skins texture has honestly improved after just a couple of weeks regular use. I sense a full size purchase on the horizon. 

I've been flitting between the aforementioned Caudalie moisturiser and this offering from REN for the last 2-3 weeks. They are pretty similar, this too is lightweight and controls oil effectively, whilst providing decent hydration to my parched skin. I'm really impressed with all of the REN products that I have been trying - and with the service from their website for that matter - I purchased the Cleansing Balm and was able to chose 5 sample sized products to try. Good for testing, bad for the purse!

The Body Shop Almond Body Butter
As part of my great skincare shake-up, I've been ditching the majority of my body products that contain mineral oils. Essentially, mineral oils prevent the total absorption of the products into the skin, making both the product and process of applying it essentially worthless. The area of my body that not using mineral oils has had the most effect on are my legs. Gone are the dry, scaly pins, that were impossible to keep smooth, and in their place is soft, healthy looking skin - all from cutting out mineral oils. I love The Body Shop Body Butters, although they do take a long time to sink in so are definitely best applied before bed - if you can keep your eyes open long enough. This Almond scent literally smells good enough to eat - but I wouldn't recommend that!


Organic Care System Power Build Shampoo & Conditioner*
I am going to be reviewing this duo very shortly, so I'm not going to say too much. However, let it be known that these products really are nothing short of amazing, I've definitely fallen in love, and am dreading these tiny little sample sizes running out - it's imminent. I am definitely trying to make more savvy choices when it comes to products at the moment, and trying to cut out unnecessary ingredients - these tick that box nicely.

Fructis Style Sleek & Shine Anti-Humidity Smoothing Milk
It is very unlike me to get overly enthusiastic about hair styling products, in fact up until my recent discovery of oils, I never used anything aside from shampoo and conditioner. I was introduced to this product by my hairdresser, a lovely friend who comes to my house and transforms my hair from drab to fab. Unfortunately, this product is really difficult to get hold of in the UK, however, luckily for her - and me - she acquires ample supplies from a friend travelling across the pond {aka, to the States}. Despite the fact that using a Fructis product feels like a throwback to the 90's, this really does do what it says - it smooths the hair, controls frizz without adding any detectable product or excess weight to the hair, and it makes subsequent styling a dream. Plus, it smells divine


Burberry Body Eau de Parfum*
Fragrance is something I have a love/hate relationship with. I love the pretty bottles adoring my dressing table, and I love to smell amazing, however, I really hate the price and hate how quickly I seem to go through the fragrance. However, I do have a few in my collection at the moment that I am really enjoying, predominantly this offering from Burberry. I will be positing about this in more detail very soon - and will describe the scent properly then too - keeping you on tenterhooks!

{I hope I've not missed anything out, as I said, this is the second time I've written this post today, and I've had to rush it through this time - cheers for that Blogger!}

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any brands/companies mentioned. All words, opinions and photographs are 100% my own. Some links may be affiliated. Products denoted with a * were provided for review consideration purposes.