♥ About Me

Welcome to Live, Laugh, Love ♥ 

Whether you're a new reader or a long-time (hopefully loyal) follower, I'd like to embrace you in a warm hug of thanks, I appreciate each and every person who stops by. This blog is a little slice of the cake that is my life, so please do grab yourself a beverage and settle down for a read.

I'm Laura, 25 from Surrey...the one behind the scenes!

I've recently embarked on the journey of a Yummy Mummy, and am very proud of my gorgeous and cheeky son, Jamie. Becoming a Mother turned my life upside down, in the very best possible way, and I endeavour to share snippets of the fun had and lessons learnt along the way.

I like to think my little space of the interweb offers something for {almost} everyone, be it make up and beauty, reviews, tips and tricks, musings, recipes, or general lifestyle ramblings, I generally blog about whatever takes my fancy.

Thanks for stopping by!